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Pepper – The robot who understands your emotions and his first public appearance in GNT VN!

Pepper loves to interact with you. Pepper wants to learn more about your tastes, your habits and quite simply who you are.

Every company can contribute to Pepper’s development by inventing future usages. Though the principal applications are developed by SoftBank Robotics. Pepper won’t grow on his own.

You can also personalise your robot by downloading the software applications that take your fancy, based on your mood or the occasion. Dance, play, learn or even chat in another language, Pepper adapts himself to you! He will also respond personally to the mood of the moment, expressing himself through the colour of his eyes, his tablet or his tone of voice.

We are currently developing the features to make him to be a genuine day-to-day companion, whose number one quality is his ability to perceive emotions. Creating, inventing, programming and putting new content on line to make Pepper all the more interesting!

We want to integrate Pepper in the heart of business strategy. Take the challenge of innovation in business by implementing humanoid robots:

– Surprise guests with an extraordinary welcome.

– Introduce customers/candidates to our products and services in a new light.

If you want to plan a demonstration of our robot, please come and join us!