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Tokyo Game Show (September 21st – 24th) is the global event that gathers attention worldwide. With further promotion to exhibit on TGS 2017 across the world, the brand and status as the international show will be enhanced. Along with it, TGS2017 will be broadcasted through the online streaming to the broader areas of the world. TGS2017 is the event that caters to the game fans and industry people all around the world and  aims to be a hub for world game industry people to connect each other.

The first two days of the show are only open to industry and media press only while the final two days are open to the general public. Crowds on the public days are enormous.

The event is also famous for the hundreds of cosplayers and thousands of camera toting fans who turn up on the public days.

The show is on a huge scale with booths from all the major game publishers, console makers and mobile gaming platforms with a few indies and international booths thrown in as well.

GOKEN was the main franchise being promoted here, Gianty Inc. had its own booth with free gift-cards  to players.

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